Take the “sting” out of shock wave therapy.

The most clinically proven shock wave therapy is more accessible than ever

Working with the world’s leading shock wave physicists, PulseVet developed a proprietary reflector geometry that flattens the energy distribution curve, enabling focused shock wave energy to cover a much larger volume of tissue with a significantly reduced peak energy, which leads to a much more comfortable treatment.

The PulseVet X-Trode and shock wave therapy are proven effective

More than a decade of research and clinical success

PulseVet’s Shock Wave device utilizes a electrohydraulic source to create the most effective shock waves for medical purposes. The gold standard in shock wave, it can treat a large focal area, best for orthopedic conditions in animals.

Greater energy deposited within the focal volume

Traditional trode

A high energy curve results in a smaller focused area that can make treatment uncomfortable for the animal, requiring sedation.

Focal dimensions: 40mm x 8mm


Flatter energy distribution curve that enables focused shock wave energy to cover a large volume of tissue with significantly reduced peak energy for a more comfortable treatment.

Focal dimensions: 168mm x 40mm
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Learn how to prepare a small animal patient and use the PulseVet device to treat a variety of conditions and treatment locations.

“The use of the X-Trode for small animal patients has been so successful that our doctors can’t put this modality down! Pet parents are so relieved to know their fur babies can still receive the benefits and excellent healing from electrohydraulic sound wave therapy and do not need sedation for treatment. With the increased compliance to follow treatment protocols, we are seeing faster recovery from injuries and more consistent pain management for chronic conditions like osteoarthritis which translates into happier families!”

Kristen L. Hagler, BS, RVT, VTS, CCRP, CVPP, OACM, CBW, VCC

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The leader in veterinary shock wave technology for regeneration and the only system backed by twenty years of clinical research.

Modern and user-friendly.

Custom penetration depths for treating multiple indications

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