Equine Trode Set

Custom penetration depths for treating multiple indications

Treat everything from superficial wounds to deep tendon, ligament, or bone injuries

When it comes to horses, quality is everything. This is especially true in the treatment and prevention of injuries. Pulse Vet’s Shock Wave device has clinical proven to be effective for many equine indications. Veterinarians find the Pulse Vet Shock Wave device to be useful for treating injuries and keeping the equine athletes comfortable.

The PulseVet Equine Trode Set and shock wave therapy are proven effective

More than a decade of research and clinical success

PulseVet’s Shock Wave device utilizes a electrohydraulic source to create the most effective shock waves for medical purposes. The gold standard in shock wave, it can treat a large focal area, best for orthopedic conditions in animals.

Four types of trodes ideal for treating orthopedic conditions

R05: The smallest trode has a peak penetration depth of 5mm. It is used for treating superficial conditions, such as tendonitis and muscle pain.
R20: With a peak penetration depth of 20mm, this trode is used for treating deeper conditions, such as osteoarthritis and ligament injuries.
R35: With a peak penetration depth of 35mm, this trode is used for treating conditions, such as chronic wounds and scar tissue.
R80: The largest and most powerful trode has a peak penetration depth of 50-110mm, making it ideal for treating deep conditions such as chronic wounds and scar tissue.

Get the PulseVet training guide

Learn how to prepare a small animal patient and use the PulseVet device to treat a variety of conditions and treatment locations.

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